How was Plic Mobiliário born?
In 2020, the Hydronlubz company realizes that it would have manufacturing space to insert a spin off. The idea was to do something that took advantage of the company’s innovative profile, in which the design department was directly involved in the creation and development of these products to meet real needs, with communication and commercialization identity and that covered another area of activity, different from the JHF 4X brand agribusiness.
It was decided that the spin off would take advantage of the company’s expertise in steel manufacturing, in which the development of small multipurpose furniture products is a need for many people who live and work in small environments.


The concept of PLIC Mobiliário
Plic Mobiliário was born in 2021, our concept is multipurpose, which means “that can be used in several ways; which has many uses; in which there are several types of use”, that is, to provide the use of the same product in different ways and that are suitable in different environments, both residential and commercial.


The name PLIC arises through a brainstorm, among the company’s designers, based on the characteristics that the brand’s products must have or be:

  • Practical to be used in different places and in different ways, in an agile and efficient way;
  • Ludic due to the casual way it is used in conjunction with different styles, and also due to the affinity of the children and young public with the visual language of the products;
  • Intelligent for the ease of assembly and again for the multipurpose, and;
  • Conscious due to its resistant and durable material, which extends its life cycle and expands its use.


From the initial letter of each characteristic and benefit of the brand and product, the name PLIC appears, which further reinforces the proposal of agile and facilitated use.

All the versatility of use makes our products an excellent option for interior solutions and for gifting with style and exclusivity.


Plic Mobiliário, practical, ludic, intelligent and conscious solutions! 





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